Ferrari Transplanter FX

The Ferrari transplanter FX can work with small sods of every shape (cylindrical, conical, pyramidal) normal or pre-compressed, both in plastic or polystyrene trays. The machine was born to solve the most difficult transplanting problems with lettuce, however there is a wide variety of vegetables who can be transplanted with it (onion, leek, cabbage, cauliflower, chicory/endive, etc). The only limit is represented by the plants dimension which cannot be higher than 15 cm. Each FX unit is equipped with a parallelogram system swinging on the ground, in order to follow perfectly also the most uneven and covered with stones soil. Each unit can transplant about 3,500 plants per hour.

The machine is available in 2 versions: pulled and self-propelled. At request the machine can be prepared to work on raised beds (with rear wheels adjustable in depth). Depth of work can be adjusted up till 8 cm and it is possible to work following the quincunx (diamond) planting system.