F-Max Seedling Planter


The F MAX EVOLUTION TRANSPLANTING MACHINE is suitable for transplanting a wide variety of vegetables from tomatoes to cabbages, aubergines, peppers, long-leaved salads and tobacco too. The machine can be fed with many different types of modules: pyramidal, cylindric, conic and on request also with square blocks (but only if the leaves are long and big enough). Each work station (unit) is equipped with an 8 cartridge rotary carousel which eases the operators' task of loading, permitting an average work capacity of 3,500 plants per hour per row.

The F MAX EVOLUTION is certainly the most efficient module transplanting machine currently on the market. Its work quality has to be seen to be believed, it is adaptable either for thin plants and for long plants and can work on soft soils as well as hard and stony soils. Featuring technical innovations prevent the kicker plate clogging and the plant from falling over. The machine is available in modular versions from 1 to 12 planting rows on single, double, square or folding frame. It can also be fitted with many optional extras (eg, fertiliser distributors, microgranulator).

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