In 1934 Hendrik Struik opened a forge in the recently drained Wieringermeer polder in the town of Slootdorp. With the increasing importance of mechanization, the Struik forge developed into a company specializing in agricultural mechanization.

Towards the end of the 1950s, the first machine developed by Struik was launched onto the market: the crumbling roller. This was also the period when Struik Sr.s two sons, Gerrit and Adri, joined the company.

During the 1960s Struik developed their first element cultivator, the successor of the crumbling roller. This was an enormous success. The 1970s featured the development of a range of machines designed in-house, such as the hook rotary cultivator. In 1979 Struik became the first manufacturer to develop a new ridge system for building ridges for the cultivation of potatoes; a patent was granted for this.

As demand for Struik products rocketed during the 1980s, it was decided to join the two branches under the same roof. In 1985 they moved into new premises. Struik became a modern factory for agricultural machines.

In 1993 the management was passed on to the third generation of the Struik family. During the 1990s the focus shifted more towards export creating sales of Struik in more than 60 countries worldwide, so in every continent.


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