Stanhay is the world's leading specialist in the design and manufacture of quality precision seed drills.

"Our aim is to improve the efficiency and profitability of our customers, through innovative design and development, high quality manufacture and the best in customer service.” 

Stanhay planters provide unmatched precision fort a wide range of crops and bed conditions. Stanhay offers both vacuum and belt planters and many models and accessories for perfect planting every time.

The new STAR from Stanhay is the most accurate, versatile and reliable precision vacuum seed drill in the world. Using the proven, award winning, Stan-Meter, Precision Seeders from Stanhay- Distributor R & W Equipment for Ontario CanadaMetering Unit from the Singulair the STAR is unique in its ability to sow natural and pelleted seeds in 1,2, 3 and now 4 lines from each unit, the STAR saves you time and money. The very best quality produce is achievable due to the STAR's ability to accurately plant all vegetable and salad crop seeds.

VERSATILITY of the STAR is the key contributor to its ability to pay for itself over and over again. SAVINGS ON SEED costs can be made due to the precise selection of individual seeds, reducing waste to a minimum. HIGH MARKETABLE YIELDS are achieved due to uniformly shaped crops produced by accurate seed placement in either 1, 2, 3, or 4 lines. PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY to a level never seen before from anyStan-840, Precision Seeders from Stanhay- Distributor R & W Equipment for Ontario Canada planter on the market, thanks to over 50 years of precision planting experience. The design of the new STAR row unit makes adjustments to the planter quick and easy, so that the user can adapt it to changing field conditions. A WIDE CHOICE OF COULTERS AND SEED DISCS allows you to plant in specific patterns and densities to manipulate the size and shape of your crop.