Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche is a company at the fore front of mechanization in the horticultural field. 

The company was founded in Guidizzolo, situated in the district of Mantova, in 1961 thanks to Luigi Ferrari’s intuition. Today, Francesco and Dario, Mr Ferrari's sons are running the businness. The great success of the company is due both to the high quality of its products and to the enthusiasm and dedication of its people.

The company specializes in the production of transplanting machines, both mechanical and automatic, for plants in blocks and modules, in plastic and polystyrene trays. Ferrari machines are suitable for planting a wide variety of vegetables including: lettuce, tomatoes, eggplants, cabbages and even tobacco.

The philosophy of the company has always been to be innovative and continuously develop its products, which are all rigorously patented. Even machines which may be very simple from a conceptual point of view are significantly different from the ones of their competitors since they have been studied using modern technological processes which offer maximum finished product quality.

Ferrari Costruzioni Meccaniche sells both to national and international markets. Our logo is well know in no less than four continents: Europe, America, Oceania and Africa. 

The standards of performance reached today by Ferrari machines are considerable: 

“FUTURA” for instance is a fully automatic machine and, due to its high performances and reliability, offers excellent high output planting performances. 

“F-MAX” is equipped with a rotary carousel and offers high quality plant placement in the soil, again with high reliability. 

“ROTOSTRAPP” is available either in the hauled version or self-propelled version. This semi-automatic planter is suitable for planting the so called “square-blocks”. It is incredibly fast and can easily transplant up to 8,000 plants per hour per row. ROTOSTRAPP is equipped with a unique rotary separation system to separate one block from another. 

Ferrari is continually striving to improve the mechanization and the automation of the transplanting process. Recently the company has developed a self-propelled steam sterilizer. It uses steam for sterilization of contaminated soil and such problems as fungi, nematodes and weed infestation. It is extremely eco-friendly and has maximum respect for the environment.

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